• The Consultant 4.0 | Extreme cutaway
  • The Consultant 4.0 | Extreme cutaway
  • The Consultant 4.0 | Extreme cutaway
  • The Consultant 4.0 | Extreme cutaway
  • The Consultant 4.0 | Extreme cutaway
  • The Consultant 4.0 | Extreme cutaway
  • The Consultant 4.0 | Extreme cutaway
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TheConsultant 4.0

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Färg: Extreme cutaway

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Ole Meisner
lækker skjorte ril prisen, men plads til forbedring

En god oplevelse med min nye skjorte fra Barons. Prisen er fin sammenholdt med kvaliteten og med den hurtige og den gode levering/service. Der savnes dog lige en forbedring på denne skjorte forinden den kan erstatte mine Eton skjorter. French cuff (opslaget) er alt for kort på denne skjorte hvilket kan være en udfordring ved ærmegabet på jakken. Og… det er ikke så pænt med et så beskedent opslag. Det ses også på andre billigere skjorter. Stenstrøms har vistnok også et større opslag end Barons. Så.. gør noget ved den del, bare 1 cm eller 11/2 cm vil gøre en lille forskel, men en større betydning for brugeren. En skjorte med knækflip og en skjorte uden flip/krave, er også på ønskelisten 👍🏻 Mvh

Erik Struve

Som lovet

Martin Sand
Fantastisk kvalitet

Jeg bruger skjorter hver eneste dag, jeg oplever en bedre kvalitet med en Barrons skjorte end dyrere skjorter

Malene Trier Bjerglund

The Consultant 4.0

Modtagerne var glade for deres gave

Hørte kun positivt fra begge modtagere også efter brug

Gratis Frakt

Vi erbjuder alltid fri frakt i hela Sverige. Förväntad leveranstid är normalt 2-5 arbetsdagar.

Gratis Retur & Byten

Du kan enkelt och kostnadsfritt returnera eller byta inom 100 dagar.

100 dagar returrätt

Vi vill ha nöjda kunder. Det är därför vi inte har bråttom. Du har 100 dagar på dig att returnera. Japp, 100 dagar.

100% nöjdhetsgaranti

Om du inte är nöjd med din första tröja är det bara att skicka tillbaka den. No questions asked.
Our bestseller in white witha new distinctive collar

Joachim Latocha, Founder

  • Signature twill

    Signature twill

    The fabric is weaved with our own developed medium-weight twill fabric. The fabric is finished with a unique Swiss non-iron technology making the shirt among the most wrinkle-resistant shirts on the market. Without the use of synthetic fibres. Of course.

The Consultant | Extreme cutaway. A modern and distinctive collar

Organic ELS cotton.The 0.1%

At BARONS, we exclusively use organic cotton. Period. But we don't just use any type of cotton. We only use the longest cotton fibres in the World - the so-called Extra-long staple fibres (ELS). It represents less than 0.1% of the global cotton supply. In the past it was considered impossible to cultivate using organic methods. Our guess is that you have never worn an organic business shirt with ELS fibres before. Until now.

  • Organic extra-long staple cotton

    We only use organic cotton - mainly Giza ELS cotton sourced directly from the Nila delta in Egypt. The unique microclimate in Egypt combined with the abundant natural water source of the Nile makes area east of Alexandria ideal location for cotton. Being located at the very end of the Nile river - means the next stop for the water flow is the Mediterranean sea. Organic cotton means no synthetic fertilizers, no pesticides and no GMO seeds.

Synthetic fibres. No thanks!

In our world, plastic-based synthetic fibres do not belong in a high-quality shirt. This is why we avoid using elastane, spandex, polyester etc. in our shirts. It’s often the cheap, dirty way of achieving so-called “stretch”.  

As any garment is washed and worn repeatedly, its mass decrease over time. This means that some of the textiles are washed into the environment, either from laundry washing or from surface abrasion. In the end, this fibre will become micro-plastics. Furthermore, a large share of products will end up in a landfill far from where it was first sold.  

We don't like microplastics in our oceans which is why we have opted for the natural alternative. We call this Natural Stretch, a special method which adds 10-15% of stretch to our fabrics without using any plastic-based synthetics.

CO2 Footprint

What gets measured gets managed

With Generation 4 we have reduced the climate footprint of our shirts by almost 50%. Our products have some of the lowest footprints in our industry and we are proud of this. But we still have work to do to find further reductions.

*Numbers reflected are kg/CO2 equivalents

  • 3,3 kg


  • 3,8 kg


  • 2,9 kg


  • 3,9 kg


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Direct to Consumer

Razor-sharp prices. Just like our shirts.

  • 1099 kr


    Direct to consumer

  • 1499 kr

    Traditional retail

    Incl. agent and retail mark-up

We eliminated all costly middlemen defining the traditional retail model. Instead, we sell directly to you.

No sales - No BS! Just a 100% honest pricing model so you can buy what you need when you need it. Simple as that!

Generation 4.0Business shirts i 100% organic cotton.

Of course.

  • Forever refining

    In the future we will continue to focus on reducing the overall carbon footprint of our shirts - even down to the smallest components like threads, buttons and packaging. Furthermore, we will work with our suppliers to increase the share of locally installed renewable energy (e.g. solar) which could drive significant further reductions. We don't have the perfect solution yet but we are working to reach it.

When less is more

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